15+ Visa Free Countries For Indians

Visa Free Countries For Indians

Having to go through a Visa process when planning a holiday or just traveling abroad is quite stressful. For most Indians traveling abroad, the thought of going through long ques, many interrogations and filing several documents is not so appealing. While going through the process is imperative for some countries, there are others that are either Visa-free or give Visa on arrival to Indian passport holders.

So if you are an Indian Citizen and wish to travel, you might want to check on any of the visa free countries for Indians listed below.

List of Visa Free Countries For Indian Passport

Below is a list of visa free countries for Indian passport holders. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below.


Visiting a small country like Bhutan for Indian passport holders is relatively easy. You just need an Indian passport with at least six months’ validity and a voters card which is issued by the Electoral Commission of India. However, there are different entry permit requirements depending on whether you travel by air, road as well as the areas you might want to visit.


Indonesia is known for its beautiful touristic sites such as beaches and islands. It is a favorite for many travelers and offers visa upon arrival for Indians which costs $35 for a 30 day. You will have to show proof of funds to cover your stay for that period.


Visa is given upon arrival. The cost is $40 plus a service fee of $20. The requirements are: Enough funds to cover your stay, confirmed flight tickets, passport size photographs.


Indian citizens planning a travel to visit the land of Bob Marley with its beautiful sites and crystal waters can do so without. In your search for visa free countries for Indians don’t forget Jamaica


The beautiful offers visa upon arrival of 30 days to Indian citizens. The requirements are to have an onward or return flight ticket, photographs, and accommodation bookings or carry enough funds of at least $150 dollars a day per person and have a passport with validity of at least 6 months. So when looking for visa free countries for Indians, you should take into consideration the Maldives


With beautiful historic sites for exploration, Jordan offers a 2-week visa upon arrival when they pay a fee of about $60. Carry about $1000 dollars or more to cover their stay and have confirmed return or onward flight tickets. For people coming into or leaving Jordan from the red sea or Aqaba are given a 1-month valid visa for free.


You get 60 days visa on arrival if you have confirmed booked accommodation, letter of sponsorship, enough funds to cover your stay ( at least $100/day)  and a confirmed return flight ticket.


The home of the highest mountain in the world offers visa upon arrival for Indians. Provided you have a valid passport and an Election Commission card, you can be granted a stay of a maximum of 150 days.


This is a naturally beautiful and very popular destination known for its wonderful nightlife as well. With $35 dollars, Indians get a visa upon arrival for a 15-30 days stay. An onward or return flight ticket is required with an entry fee of about $66 dollars paid in Thailand currency which is Baht, as well as enough money to cover the say ( at least $315 per person and $630 per family).


The country which offers great underwater entertainment in its clear blue waters offers Visa upon arrival for Indian passport holders. Visitors must have enough funds to cover at least 150/ day per person, confirmed accommodation and valid return or onward tickets.


Macau is known as the ‘Vegas of China’. Macau offers a blend of cultures and the cities are truely captivating. if you take a walk along the Macau Peninsula you will be able to see the beauty of the old city center. You can visit this place visa-free if you are a holder of the Indian passport.


Visa upon arrival

Sri Lanka

30-day Electronic Travel Authorisation


4 months visa-free stay


3 months Visa on arrival

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

1 months Visa-free stay


A 90-day visa on arrival

El Salvador

90-day visa-free stay


90-day Visa-free stay


Visa on arrival

Guinea Bissau

90 day Visa on arrival


A 30-day visa on arrival. The sponsor is required to submit an invitation to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before arrival. Somalia is, therefore, one of the visa free countries for Indians


30-day visa-free stay

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Saint Lucia

6-week visa on arrival


Visa on arrival

Saint Kitts and Nevis

3 months visa-free stay


30 day visa on arrival


7-day visa on arrival


A 30-day visa on arrival

Trinidad and Tobago

A 90-day visa on arrival


90-day Visa-free stay


90-day visa-free stay


6 months visa on arrival


30 days visa on arrival


Visa on arrival


30 days visa on arrival obtainable at a Bujumbura International Airport


30 day Visa on arrival as long as there is confirmation issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs


Visa on arrival


3 months visa-free stay


Visa on arrival

Cape Verde

Visa on arrival


3 months visa-free stay


1-month visa on arrival


Visa on arrival


30 days visa-free stay


The country has a no-visa regime and is only accessible through France and Spain. Multiple Entry Schengen Vim required.


Electronic Visa

That is it for the visa free countries for Indians. Are you from India? Where are you traveling to for your next holidays or work? Let us know in the comment section below. If you are an Indian passport holder, what are you waiting for? Go travel the world.

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