B2 Visa: Us Tourist Visa

Aside from coming to the united states for studies and work, you could also come for a visit using a US visitor visa. the Us visitor visa gives you the opportunity to come to the united states for touristic purposes, medical check-ups. this is also a chance for you to create new contacts for business purposes; people who can invest in your business back home and also visit famous sites in the United States

What is a B2 Visa

The US visitor visa also called B2 visa is a visa which permits you to enter the US for pleasure, touristic purposes, or to visit family and friends.


The US visitors visa holders are permitted to carry out the following activities


  • Have a tour to various cities of the country
  • Have a holiday in the US
  • Allowed to take part in events or contests related to music or sports but are not allowed to receive payments of any sort for such
  • Travel to the US for medical check-ups
  • Permitted to participate in social events hosted by various organizations in the united states
  • Register for short study courses for which they will not be entitled to credits


In the case where you do not fall in any of the above categories, it becomes impossible to get the B2 visa, hence you will have to check for other types of US non-immigrant visas to see the ones for which you qualify.


The B2 visa is different from the many other types of USA visas in that there is no cap(no particular number of tourist visas to be issued per year). This implies that once you are qualified for it and you meet the necessary requirements, you can get a visa to visit the US.


Besides the B2 visa, there is also the B1 Visa which permits you to travel to the US for business purposes, contract negotiations, attending conferences and other business-related purposes.



Why Should I apply for a Tourist Visa for the USA?


There is a US visa program known as the US Visa Weaver Program, only those who are not in this program are expected to apply for the Tourist visa .there are also some countries that do not require you to apply for US tourist visas, if you are in one of those then you are in luck. You can just follow the simple procedures of applying for an ESTA, then begin making your travel arrangements.

What are the eligibility criteria for us tourist visa

To be able to travel to the US with a B2 visa, the following requirements are expected to be met

  • You should have proof of financial stability to cover all ya expenses while in the US
  • Prove that you do not intend to stay in the US longer than expected, that is you intend to return to your home country as soon as your visa expires.
  • Your intensions for visiting aligns with that of the B2 visa allowed purposes of visit.


B2 Visa Application: US tourist Visa Applications Steps

The following steps will give you a guide on how to apply for a B2 Visa. Before you apply for a tourist visa for the United States you have to follow these easy steps

  • Submit form DS-160
  • Payments of visa fees
  • Scheduling of your tourist visa interview
  • Compile documents file for the tourist visa
  • Attend your visa interview


Submit form DS-160

You are expected to fill all the sections for the US B2 Visa Application form and then submit it online. The filling requires all your important information plus the reason for your visit. When this is done, you will get a verification page and code needed for your document file.

The DS-160 form can be completed online through:

  • The Consular Electronic Application Center or
  • By using the services of a third-party company such as TravelAssist

Why should you apply through TravelAssist


  • They will help provide a complete list of documents required for your B2 visa application and will verify your prepared application file to ensure your application has the highest possible prospect of success.
  • Their staff will fill the DS-160 to book your tourist visa appointment with the United States consulate or Embassy.
  • TravelAssist staff offer 24/7 online support regarding your tourist visa application
  • If your visa application is successful, TravelAssist will help get your visa quickly
  • In the cases where the visa is rejected, that is visa is denied, they offer travel protection that will cover your financial expenses
  • TravelAssist has helped over 70000 people to get access to the united states. They are a specialized company in processing the various types of US visa applications. they give all-round support to ensure that the results are positive in the end.

Pay the Tourist visa fees

The US tourist visa application fees are $160.. you are supposed to pay the said amount to ensure the continuity of the application. However, you might be expected to pay other fees depending on your country’s relationship with the United States. The additional fees are referred to as issuance fees and they vary from country to country. after the payments of all the applicable fees, you are advised to carefully keep the receipts and include then to your B2 visa documents file.


Schedule your B2 visa interview

Applicants between the ages of 14-79 years old must go through a US tourist visa interview at the US embassy of their various countries. You must schedule an interview with the Us embassy in the country you are applying from in order to get an interview. you are expected to schedule your interview as soon as possible because of the heavy workload of the US embassies. at the end of this process, you will get an interview confirmation letter which you will need to present at the US embassy on the day of your interview.


Compiling your Tourist visa document file

The document file for a US tourist visa has to carry all supporting documents to show to the Embassy that you are eligible for the visa. All these documents are to be presented in the interview.

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Documents required for an appointment for b2 visa interview

  • A valid passport
  • A US visa photo
  • Confirmation page and code of the DS-160 form
  • Payment receipts of visa fees
  • Interview confirmation page
  • A letter explaining the purpose of the trip
  • Proof of financial stability which includes Bank statements showing that you have enough finances to cover your stay in the united states of at least $266 per day of your planned stay.
  • Proof that you will return, that is Job contract, family, lease or property deeds
  • Optional US visitors invitation letter from family and friends in the united states
  • Letter from authorities stating that you have not been convicted before or criminal records if any
  • Documents of the previous visit. This is in the case where u had visited the US before
  • Diplomas or Transcript for students
  • A letter from your present employer and payslips for the last three months if you are a worker
  • Photocopies of your relatives status in the US
  • Medical records, that is a letter from doctors on your diagnosis and treatment plan if its for medical purposes.
  • Social media details. a list pf all your social media handles and the names of all your accounts.


Attending the Interview

On the day of the interview, you will be questioned by an official of the US Embassy. they will ask about your background and what you plan to do in the US. Then they will check through your documents to ensure that everything is as required. This process is not lengthy but you are expected to give out all the necessary information about yourself and the trip to avoid complications in the future.


For higher chances of getting positive results on the US tourist visa application, you can use TravelAssist

TravelAssist has facilitated the travel process of over 70000 people to the US Because they are specialized in processing visa applications with accuracy.

Their staff will offer the assistance you need all through your applications process and will carefully handle your application.


How long is the B2 visa processing time

The US tourist visa processing can take weeks or sometimes months to be completed. This is because the processing time for US tourist visas tends to vary from country to country. all these depend on the workload of the US embassy where you applied at that time. Nonetheless, you will have to be patient and wait for the embassy to inform you if you have been granted the visa or not.

B2 Visa Duration: US tourist visa duration

As a holder of the B2 Visa, you are allowed to stay for a maximum duration of 6 months. During your stay in the US, you can travel throughout the United States. But as soon as your B2 Visa expires you have to leave back to your country.


B2 Visa Extension: How to extend B2 Visa Length of Stay

US tourist visa extension

In the case where you will need to stay longer in the United States, you will need to apply for a B2 Visa extension for an additional period of 6 months.

The application for extension for your tourist visa is supposed to be done at least 42 days before the expiring date of your I-94 card. still you are not allowed to apply within months of your stay in the US.

To apply for a US tourist visa extension, you are to present the following documents

  • completed form 1-539
  • Your valid passport
  • A letter explaining the reason for the extension
  • Proof of Financial Viability
  • Payment fees for a B2 visa extension which is $370
  • original or photocopy of I-94card


The processing time for the US tourist visa extension varies depending on the number of applications USCIS is processing at the time of your application.

Can you Benefit from the US healthcare with the B2 visa?

As an immigrant in the United States for touristic purposes, you are not entitled to healthcare for free. In the world today, the American healthcare system is the most costly with the treatment of a broken arm or leg costing about $2500 and spending a night in the hospital cost over %10000 on an average.

It is therefore advisable to get a health insurance plan to cover all these if the need arises.

Where to get an affordable healthcare insurance plan for a B2 Visa?

Some private companies offer affordable health insurance coverage plans for immigrants to the united states. one of which is the VisitorsCoverage.

Why are you advised to buy a health insurance plan through VisitorsCoverage?

  • They are very well established in the healthcare insurance domain with over 10 years of experience.
  • VisitorsCoverage is rated highly for their attention to details,hassle-free online experience and impeccable customer service with more than 2 million satisfied clients
  • VisitorsCoverage is a company that is specialized in health insurance plans to international immigrants into the United States
  • You are opened to full assistance from the dedicated customer service representatives of the company all week round
  • you will be provided all the necessary information on choosing the plan that suits you best with the lowest possible rates.

Can you get a Green Card with a US tourist visa?

The Us tourist visa is a temporary visa, it therefore very difficult to get a Green Card or permanent residence from a US tourist visa. A tourist visa does not allow the holder to start studying or job searching while in the US. Before you are granted a tourist visa, you have to prove to the authorities that you have plans of returning to your home country after your visit or when the visa expires. so you can not stay in the US for more than the required time.


Can your Relatives visit you in the USA with a B2 visa?


You can invite your relatives to visit in the US if you are living in the US and working or studying. They will come to the US under the B2 visa. Your relatives will be required to go through all the processes explained above for Tourist visas in this write-up. Requirements might only vary from the normal applications in that parents will need to present B2 visa documents for parents.

parents will need to collect extra documents in their home country while you will be responsible for collecting some documents for them.

The necessary documents for a parents tourist visa are the following

  • Your parents should possess valid passports as at the time of application
  • Completed DS-160 form
  • Financial stability proof. you need to show that you are capable of supporting your parents all through their stay in the United States
  • Employment verification, this is to be issued by your present employer to show proof of work
  • Invitation Letter. you are expected to write a letter inviting your parents to the US.

Sample Invitation letters for US Visitor Visa


Samples of B2 Visa interview questions

What are the reasons for choosing the USA?

because you are applying for a tourist visa, say you want to go visit and see what the USA has to offer in the field of tourism your response should be as simple as possible

Have you ever been to the USA?

If you think the best answer is YES and you feel it is a guarantee for the visa the YOU ARE WRONG! but if you have never been to the US, be honest enough to say so, don’t lie because lying will take you nowhere.

Why travel now?

You could say because of its time for your annual leave or most convenient time for you to travel. you could also say its because you’ve been saving up for the trip and now the funds are complete. always be honest.

Who is accompanying you on this trip?

Make sure you know the basic information concerning your trip. will you be traveling with family or friends or alone?

Which places to do you plan to visit?

It is important to carry out research on the places you will like to visit or do inquires. it is advisable you start with sites around your accommodation because it is easier.

How long will you stay in the USA?

You have to carefully study your itinerary and base your answers from there. or in the case of an employee, you need to discuss with your human resource manager on your possible leaves. a form or letter of such presented during an interview can give you an upper hand

If you get an approved USA visa, you will surely 10years  multiple entry visit visas.

Can you stay for a shorter period of time?

Still, you have to answer based on your itinerary. you van defendant defend your answers based on that. in the case where you will be using a tour guide, u say u will need to familiarise yourself with their schedules hence you will be needing a longer time to stay there.

What do you do for a living?

Talk of your job, businesses or other side jobs if any. From there, the Embassy authority will be able to deduce if your employer is credible enough. They also need to be sure that you are comfortable back home and not going to seek greener pastures in the USA. To further prove that you have plans of coming back and not going to look for a job, you can present to following documents.

  • Certificate of employment or work contract
  • Proof of Income for the last 3 months
  • bank statements
  • business permits


most of the time the consul will not ask you for the documents but always be prepared and bring along all the necessary documents during the interview. for those who work online and with the feeling of not having income tax return reports. it is advisable to print out your income transaction on your online payment site like PayPal if you are a designer or writer then compile all your online portfolios


How much do you earn?

this information can be seen on the documents you showed during your online application process, so there will no need to lie about the amount again.


How will you pay for the trip?

You will need to tell where the money for the trip is coming from. it could be from your savings, you will have to show proof of that. if you are going to sponsored by others, will need to bring documents from the sponsors. know your sponsors, what they do, and get the necessary documents like bank statements, tax details, and job certificates.

Do you have relatives in the USA?

Even if you don’t have plans of visiting them while in the US, do not deny or even lie that you do not have relatives there. present their basic information including their status in the States, you could use photos to further prove your claim.

Do you have friends in the USA?

This is same as the above question, just know their names and basic information and state the nature of the relationship

How long have your relatives or friends were living in the USA and what are their current status( in case you are visiting them)

During the interview, expect random questions but always ensure to be prepared for any question. the consul would like to know if you are making up stories or not. they questions might be weird but that’s how they will deduce you are they the truth. so you will have to tell them the status of your relatives.

Will you work while in the USA?

The answer to this question is a huge NO, and never try to work in the united states with a tourist visa. this could cause the authorities to deport you and you will never have set foot again in the US.

Have you booked your plane tickets already?

The flight ticket is not a requirement for the tourist visa, so you are not advised to pay your plane ticket before going in for your interview. you can, however, say you have eyes on some dates for your trip, so you will have to look for possible booking dates.

Have been to other countries before?

most of the times, the interviewer knows the answers to the questions before asking, so AGAIN NEVER LIE!. be honest and tell if you have traveled to other countries before or not. it is better if you have more passport entry stamps from any nearby countries especially visa-free or visa-free for an arrival like Philippines passport.

What is the proof that you will come back?

Show them a Letter from your employer if you are employed. Or maybe you have your own businesses or companies, explain it to them and maybe show them some legal documents. You can simply tell them you don’t plan to ruin your travel records with the USA as you plan to travel again and visit more places in the near future.

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