How To Effectively Use Indeed for Job Search – 8 Best Tips

If you are wondering whether there are any local jobs in your field and you need to quickly find job listings, is a great website to help you find targeted job listings fast.

Here is a list of tips on how to effectively use indeed for job search

How To Effectively Use Indeed For Job Search

Your Job search and gives you access to millions of job postings from several sites, career pages of companies, newspapers, blogs, and associations the emulate or ar related to your searches.

You can get email alerts delivered in your inbox daily from your specific saved searches when you have new job listings from them.

You can job search on both the website and the app that is downloadable and is available in both android and IOS devices. You’ll be able to quickly search for jobs once you download the app to your phone or tablet. Your device’s GPS helps you find job postings locally and you can apply immediately by uploading your resume or CV and get more job postings in your inbox.

Make your search simple.

The site looks and feels like top search engines such as Google. It is easy to navigate, accessible, direct and user-friendly. It saves you time and effort as your searches are performed in one place unlike using search engines which combines job listings from many different sources which include job-search sites.

New searches are being added every day which makes job search less tiring by restricting your searches to exactly what you want. Job searches can be filtered by using search features that give you results based on keyword, salary, location, and company. There is an advanced search option to further specify your searches.

Applying Once You Find Potential Jobs

The new job application process is quicker and easier online. After filtering your results you can choose to either apply directly with the company or the website.

Download The Indeed Mobile App

The job search app is available for both Android and IOS devices. What the app offers are the many functions you would normally do on your computer. Features such as job search, resume building, new job listing alerts, resume posting, quick and easy job application from the comfort of your mobile device.

Set Up Email Job Alerts

You can set up alerts to get notified about recent vacancies or recommended positions that might have not been very apparent. You can include how often and how many of these notifications you would like to get daily, weekly or monthly.

Resume Posting: How To Go About It

As with other job search websites, you can upload your resume or CV on indeed to ease access and allow employers or hiring managers to see your resume publicly. If you would rather, you can build your own resume on the indeed website by filling in data about your career directly in the provided field on the website’s “Build Your Own Resume” tool.


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Find International Jobs Through Indeed

Does traveling and experiencing life in a foreign country appeal to you? Indeed gives you access to filters that you can use to see combined international job listings from job search sites, newspaper postings, job board, and international company career pages.

Other Resources on

You can create a resume online from the beginning or upload a resume you already have in several different formats which includes, HTML, Ms. Word, RTF and TXT on the website

You can get to know about the position you are searching by looking up the salary on indeed. With the indeed salary search feature, you can find out the average salary for positions of your interest. You can specify your search to local or international standards or search by states and cities depending on your preferences.

On, you have a mobile app, a button on your Google Toolbar, plugins for firefox and more. Also, you have links to forums centered with discussions centered around career, job trend stats, models of career paths taken by people in different industries.

You can access your notes searches and saved jobs from any computer when you create an account on

Find people working in companies you have an interest in through their social networks, research companies and participate in Indeed discussion forums.

Some employers use Indeed’s Text2Apply service. With those companies, you will be able to apply for jobs by text.

Find more job search engine sites to search for many top job sites, as well as other niche and smaller sites that post job openings.

Those are the tips on how to effectively use indeed for job search

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