How To Immigrate To Canada With Student Visa

Canada is one of the most Student-friendly and immigrant welcoming nations of the world. This beautiful and promising country offers many means by which one can establish a permanent base in the country for students and skilled workers.

How To Immigrate To Canada With Student Visa

How To Immigrate To Canada With Student Visa
How To Immigrate To Canada With Student Visa

Over 350,000 international students from different countries across the globe travel to study in Canada annually. Adding to this world-class educational opportunities, Canada gives students who graduate the opportunity to build their careers and Settle permanently in the country.

learning, staying and Earning in Canada are the foundations of successful immigration to the country for all students. It gives students the chance of getting permanent residence in the country.

This advantages joined with low tuition, and high student satisfaction index leads to a rapid increase in student enrollment every other year.

Countries like the US, France, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are losing out to Canada when it comes to enrolling new international students. Canada has become the number one choice for students when it comes to studying at an international level.

Following are the advantages that Canada offers:

  • If You are an International Student, you have a work permit to work up to 20 hours a week during school periods and full-time during breaks
  • Low tuition fees
  • Graduates completing their studies in Canada are offered pathways to permanent residency on an active basis.
  • If you are married and want to travel with your partner as a student, you can do that freely and you can study while your spouse works full time.
  • Children of Students can study at any Canadian elementary school without a study permit.

Now that Everything Sounds pretty good, you need to know how to immigrate to Canada with a student visa. Follow the Steps below.

Search For Desired Program Of Study and a University

There are so many options to choose from. After you decide on what to study, you choose a location and school you would like to study in.

When you have your option, make sure your choice is a Designated Learning Institution(DLI).

What is a Designated Learning Institution?

As international students in Canada, you need study permits and all study permits need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution. The List of DLI changes and is determined as a university or college is approved to host international students by provincial governments.

Getting an Admission to your desired Study Program in Canada.

Your next focus now is on getting admitted to the University of your choice. When applying to make sure to look at the application deadline, language requirements and other needs for university entrance in Canada as part of the student visa immigration process.

The main factor to full study permit is a letter of acceptance. This is issued at the DLI and is very important before continuing to move further. You may not get a study permit in the absence of this document.

After you have received a letter of acceptance from your chosen institution, you are issued a study permit by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You can now study in Canada within the timeframe of your study program.

Earning in Canada

The Canadian economy is growing and it is very diverse. Students who wish to be part of this growing economy can do so easily. International students can take part in the Canadian workforce even before they graduate. This will help them gain Canadian experience, interact professionally with people and earn some money in the process.

But the best opportunity is after you graduate. When you receive a full work permit. This permit allows you to work with any Canadian employer for up to 3 years giving you a great chance for having a permanent residence.

Staying in Canada

According to the government of Canada, international students are amongst the best fit for multi-year immigration plans that are offered by Canada due to their previous attachment with Canada, knowing the countries language and being able to adapt with the environment.

There are systems of immigration that work to the advantage of international students and graduates. they are:

Express Entry System

This is a system of economic immigration to Canada where candidates are chosen to live in Canada permanently but on a priority basis. Here are the ways you can enter the candidate list.

Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

This program works on a fast track basis for candidates with Canadian work experience in a skilled Job. So if you are an international graduate living in Canada you stand a high chance of permanent residency through this program.

Federal Skilled Worker Class( FSWC)

This program gives a higher preference to young students and graduates who have language skills.

Immigration to Quebec

A province like Quebec has its unique gateway to permanent residency which includes the following:

Quebec Experience Program

Quebec Experience Program allows gives international students an opportunity to start immigration proceedings before the end of their study period. This is the advantage of living in Quebec as an immigrant has over other provinces

Provincial Nominee Programs

All Canadian provinces have powers to nominate candidates for permanent residency through their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The requirements to be eligible are always inclined towards international students. This is as a result of their experience of living among the natives as well as good language Skills.

British Columbia and Ontario are the most popular among students for taking part in this program to get a permanent residence. The PNP is also helpful for students who don’t qualify for getting a Canadian PR through the Express Entry Draws. Looking for How To Immigrate To Canada With Student Visa, this is one of the ways.

Guess your question of how to immigrate to Canada with a student visa has been answered

Conclusion: when it comes to immigration, Canada offers the most liberal student immigration and visa programs with a good promise of obtaining a permanent residence.

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