How To Use LinkedIn Effectively – 7+ Best Tips

Learning how to use LinkedIn is a skill that once you master, getting that next big job is no big deal. Many people always almost never get messages from recruiters not because they are not good at what they do, but rather because they don’t know how to use LinkedIn.

This article will give you a thorough guide on how to use LinkedIn effectively and get you that next recruitment you have been waiting for.

Linked is one of the biggest websites for people looking to build a professional, social or career-wise network.  The site acts as an index or catalog of professionals and organizations and makes it easy to build a network from anywhere.

Stats from late 2018 show that LinkedIn had more than 500 million members in over 200 countries including senior management personnel from all the fortune 500 companies.

Companies use LinkedIn for exposure by sharing information about their company and vacancies to prospective employees, while individual professionals use it for networking and job searching.

It is a wonderful site for job searching, especially if you learn how to use its resources well for building a career.

Here are some quick tips to help you take advantage of the features and resources LinkedIn has to offer.

The best tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively

Getting Started

Getting started on LinkedIn is relatively easy. The sign-up process is uncomplicated and includes building a profile and adding a profile photo. You have access to two types of memberships which are basic (unpaid) and premium (paid). The Premium or paid membership offers four subcategories: Recruiter Lite, Premium Business, LinkedIn Learning, Sales Navigator, Premium Career with separate costs for each.

Basic membership gives you access to messaging, a profile and the ability to apply to a vacancy while the premium has additional tools to broaden your online profile and help you get extra out of the services offered.

Immediately you log into your account, you can start using the website to job search and network.

Why should you use LinkedIn?

The website has resources that are useful to job seekers, provides you with information and acts like a placard that highlights what your abilities are and makes this information available for prospective employers who may want to know what you have to offer.

Signing up

If you are ready to get started, it quite uncomplicated. Get on the website, fill in the necessary information and create a unique password

Use a good professional photo

Because first impressions are important, you will want to make a good one on anyone who visits your profile. A great part of doing that is making sure you use the right photo. Make sure the photo looks professional and not casual. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on the photo but you want to choose the right outfit, photo background, camera, lighting, etc for your picture.

Writing a suitable profile summary

This is where you get a shot at putting your best foot forward. That is if you are interested in the most recent opportunities. This summary section usually has a limit of 2000 characters and you want to make sure you utilize it to the fullest. The site recommends making your summary into 3 or five short paragraphs leaving spaces in between so it is easy to read and go over. Your sentences should be simple and without any form of jargon using the first person and including keywords.

Adding some of your personality to your profile could be advantageous as it will make it memorable but remember it has to be professional and should not be in any way controversial. Lastly, make sure to go over your summary several times and edit out mistakes the same as you would do for an application or cover letter.

Make improvements and additions to your profile

Added to a profile summary, your profile may include your past work experience, certifications, skills, endorsements and recommendations from people within your network. The information you post about yourself would include searchable keywords and help make your profile easy to find on LinkedIn.

Putting your profile at an advantage by using keywords often looked for by search portals as well as hiring managers. Including this lingo when writing your summary, skills, etc will help you make a good impression and help your profile stick out.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Another good way to make your profile stick out is a good word or positive recommendations by your clients, colleagues or previous employers. This will tell prospective employers who you are and what your key strengths and abilities are. These recommendations can be requested by your future employer of future gig.

Make use of  LinkedIn Endorsements

A quick way for your contacts to highlight where your expertise lies is through endorsements.

Add  Your LinkedIn Profile Address to Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Adding a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume or CV makes it quick and easy for hiring managers to hop on and get to see your skills and qualifications. LinkedIn usually assigns a custom link or you can customize one. If you intend to customize it, use a combination of your names and always make sure your profile is up to date before including it in any official documents

Sending Invitations and messages

When you register on the site, you can immediately start connecting with people you have a common interest with and people with whom you share the same professional background. You can send invitations to contacts who fall into that criteria. Always leave professional messages as that will get you more on point responses.

How big should you make your network?

The number of people you need in your network to make it an effective job searching tool depends on how many connections are the right ones. You would want to make connections that are valuable to your objectives.

Job application on LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives job seekers the ability to apply directly on the site. You can see and contact people you think might be able to refer you. Advanced options make it easy for you to make precise searches you can filter the searches to get specified results.

Spot company profiles.

Company profiles on LinkedIn are a good way to get more information about your company of interest. You’ll be able to see if you have contacts there as well as other information about the company and vacancies.

More helpful tips for using LinkedIn

Hopefully, this article gave you useful pointers on how to effectively use LinkedIn and it’s resources. Here are some more tips to help you along the way

Keep Your  Profile Updated

Like every resume or CV, the more updated your profile is, the more your chances of being contacted. Your profile should carry as much information as your prospective employer might need.

How to keep your profile updated while unemployed

Your profile reflecting your unemployed status might put you at a disadvantage. Even if you aren’t employed, your profile should reflect a positive light to prospective employers or contacts.

Use the Mobile App

LinkedIn mobile app puts all the features of the site such as profile creation, searches, applying and connecting, messaging, etc in the palm of your hands. The app is useful to keep your job hunt going wherever you are.

Beware Scams

LinkedIn much like all other websites face their challenges. Look out for scams


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