17+ Legit Work From Home Jobs

If there is one thing that keeps trending the market, we would make references to work from home jobs, it is more than 100% popular compared to regular office jobs. All these have greatly affected the general population as a whole especially the US population as millions of people turn to move from the traditional office system to working from home and this could easily be seen from the years 2005 to 2017.

Why work from home jobs

The reasons for this choice are uncountable with the main reasons being flexibility with the workload, increased happiness due to self-management, fewer expenses on office materials and maintenance and so a high pay package.
Choosing to work from home should be a decision taken considering a lot of factors such as self-discipline, you should be self-motivated and you should be a go-getter.

How available are work from home Jobs

The availability of work from home jobs could be found in many fields of work, though some might not offer the luxury of you working from home, you can find a couple of them as follows; travel agents, web and software developers, social media managers, etc.

The important aspect to consider here is that opportunities are always everywhere. It is left to anyone willing to identify and act on the opportunity and this is equally open to everyone without considering aspects like your age, gender or present responsibilities.

Being able to identify specific interests and expectations from a work from home job would serve as a guide to the right job or company.

Out of the many work from home jobs that can exist, below are the top-ranked taking into consideration the pay package, comfort, and benefits.

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Top 20 Work From Home Jobs Anyone Can Do

1. Blogging

Generally blogging is for those who have a passion for a particular domain (health, entertainment, self-development, sports, etc). So if you happen to have a love for a specific activity why not go ahead and try blogging from home, as this is a good way to communicate a specific skill and life experiences with others. Owning a blog makes it a whole lot easy as people get to reach out to you anytime anywhere.

Now making money from blogging is another aspect as this depends on what you choose to blog about, notwithstanding it could be linked to marketing and advertisement which a good way of creating traffic on your page

Bloggers Income:

The income of a blogger is highly variable because it depends on the niche of the blogger, the audience of his or her blog and equally the level experience (this reflects in the blogger’s work), so their income could range from $0 to $150,000 and above every month.

Starting a blog:

there are many factors to consider when starting a blog including the cost to run the blog, it is very important to start with an affordable blog that is why I recommend HOSTINGER as the best option to cut down cost. Their servers are cheap, fast and secured ann the customer service is just the best.

2. Online Teaching

The internet has made it possible for everyone who wants to communicate information and teaching happens to be one of the greatest areas of communicating information, and so with the new trend of technological changes embraced by all sectors; teaching cannot be left out.

If you are a certified teacher and you think there is more you can do; other than within a classroom then you can consider giving lectures online. Using all the available platforms you can start teaching from home, especially with the growing demand in certain fields like Mathematics, Management, and English.

Online Teaching Income:

The estimated wage rate of an online teacher (first-year teachers) ranges from $30000 to $40000 and some subjects could be more costly than others.

Becoming an online teacher:

The majority of people who required the service of an online tutor are people interested in learning new languages or perfecting the languages they know, especially the English language, this is facilitated by websites that provide online teaching services like K12, VIPKID. The services of this job are super flexible because you get the number of hours that you would be able to manage according to your schedule and you don’t have to follow any sort of lesson plan because the platform ensures that everything is managed.

3. Facebook Ads Jobs

Facebook is open to everyone but not everybody utilizes the advantages that come with using it, this is true for the local businesses in small communities (petit traders) and even some other businesses (law firms) who think it is uniquely for chatting and entertainment thereby minimizing the chance of using it as an advertisement platform.

In the case where you find businesses using facebook; they don’t fully utilize all its offers hence the use of a facebook ads expert.

One of the main advantages of this job is; it is not difficult to grab the skill and equally not limited to a specific person, anybody is free to pick it up learn the skill and get a client as soon as they feel they are ready enough for the task.

What to know as a facebook ad expert:

The main focus here is to assist businesses to get more clients and increase sales and this is done by:

  • Set a budget for advertisement and monitor all ongoing campaigns
  • Run different ad variations to get the best possible return on investment
  • Reach out to the targeted customers
  • Facebook ads should be created following the kind of business objectives are to be carried out.

Facebook ad Jobs Income:

This part of the job is flexible as it depends on the outcome you give your clients and equally the terms of the agreement on your payment type.

The fair industry price for this kind of service ranges from $1000 to $2000 per month for every client needing your services. The advantage of this job is that you just need more clients to build up your reputation and not previous website marketing experience; it only takes a few customers who are satisfied with your work.

How to Become a Facebook Ad specialist:

First get enrolled in a course to learn about the basic and advanced level of facebook Ad strategies, an example of such course is “Facebook side hustle course” and it assists its learners to know how to manage facebook ads for local businesses and it equally helps you to master the three stages of building your work from home facebook ads business which includes:

  • Knowing how to set up a facebook ad system for any local business
  • Converting peoples intentions and mission into clients
  • Finding clients who would be willing and able to pay for the services you offer.

4. Freelance Writing

They are looked upon like contractors, that is they are considered sometimes as “writers for hire”. This could vary on the domain and specialty of the writer, if you have love for writing in any domain but don’t want to deal with the trouble of dealing with running a blog, you might consider being a freelance writer with a couple of options like writing for newspapers, possibly for blogs and other bloggers and even for publishing.

Freelance Writer’s Income:

Their income would depend on the difficulty level of the article, the length/bulk of the work and the level of experience invested in writing. This helps the writer earn an amount that is between $30 to $500 for every work to be done.

How To Become a Freelance Writer:

To have a good mastery of the field it is good to get enrolled in a course that teaches you how to acquire the basic skills required in getting the freelance writing job, and the fee to get started is reasonably cheap that is less than a hundred dollars. When you are done with the mastery of the basics of the job, you can sell your services by creating a profile which could be used as a marketing strategy to stand out and act as proof to potential clients, you can equally choose to offer free services as a means of building up your portfolio and when you are satisfied with your portfolio you can proceed to look for work on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Online surveying

Most companies wish to have the predictive nature of various consumers or customers. This is to help them predict the kind of products to produce and the kind of activities to engage in. In some cases make improvements on production.

In other to achieve this, there is a need for personnel on the field that would be close to the target population thus the need for online survey jobs, this is one of the easiest form of work from home jobs because it doesn’t need experience for it, but just the focus and the skill.

Online Survey Income:

Most survey workers are paid via PayPal. This pay package would depend on the kind of survey carried out, so this brings them to an estimated amount of $50 to $200 every month but this would depend on the kind and the number of surveys you carried out. It is easy and free to get companies/clients ready to pay via signing up for survey-taking websites (Survey junkie).

5. Freelance Proofreading

The main concept behind proofreading is going through someone’s work and making all necessary corrections which could be typo errors, grammar, word choice, misspellings and wrong spacing. If you have a high ability to identify mistakes then proofreading is just the ideal job for you.

This is good because you can consider it more like a temporal job and so it is okay to have another job while taking proofreading as a job. Caithlin Pyle was able to make over $43000 in 2014 from working as a proofreading freelancer during her spare time. This made her create a course to teach others how to proofread and make money online while working from home.

Freelance Proofreader’s Income:

Your income here fully depends on how much time and experience you are willing to invest in your work but according to salary.com the average salary earned by freelance proofreaders is valued at $49729 for a year, this is a great figure because no degree is required to start up this job just the necessary training in the domain.

Becoming a Freelance Proofreader:

First, it is advisable to get enrolled in a workshop that can assist you to become a proofreader, there you can learn about all the skills required to be a proofreader and the necessary tools required. That is why we recommend Caithlin Pyle’s course.

6. Virtual Assistant

They are also known as VAs, and they are presented in all forms, organizations who hire VAs would do so when they need support with their online administrative engagements but they don’t want to hire an employee who would work full time, so it is favorable for individuals who are busy with an irregular schedule. These engagements could vary from calendar management, email management, social media management to customer service tasks.

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Earn:

This job’s income would vary because there is a need for many skills in this domain and this could, in turn, make the pay package to fluctuate based on the skill used. Christine Durst who is the founder of the International Virtual Assistants Association, says that virtual assistants can earn $25000 to $75000 per annum.
While on the other hand Gina Horkey who is a professional in the domain, says virtual assistant jobs pay could vary from $35 to $50 for every hour.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant:

It is always necessary to begin with training in order to acquire the necessary skills needed for the job, this can be done by enrolling in a course and they are very flexible to suit ones pace and it is easy to complete within a short period of time and equally the cost of training isn’t much as it ranges between $100 to $300.

When you are done with your training, you have to ensure to sell yourself by putting up a complete profile about your skills on websites that can assist in bringing your clients to you; an example is “freelancer” which can help bring work from home job opportunities.

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7. Child Care and Babysitting

Even with the evolution of the internet and technology, jobs like babysitting still pay, provided you have a love for kids.

Managing kids could be a little challenging sometimes so it is advisable to select the age group of kids you can best manage when you are done with that, you can try creating a profile on websites that help promote services you offer like; sittersitty.com and also it is okay to do some self-marketing by asking around in your neighborhood for any clients, as it is always said charity begins at home so your first clients could be just people around.

You could decide what kind of services you want to offer; from morning care services (help kids get ready for school), watch over the kids while parents go to work or carry out other activities and equally during weekends when parents need a break you can charge like an extra fee for watching the kids because most childcare institutions would not be operational.

8. App and Website Testing

Part of the smooth functioning of a company’s activities is also ensuring that the informational parts of the company’s services are communicated properly. In that light companies are willing to pay for people to give them a response on their websites or mobile Apps on how the page operates, the ease it takes to use it and any shortcomings. This information is used to modify or ameliorate the activities on the website or App.

This method of gaining income is not a fulltime job because it is not easy to make a living from only testing websites but could act as extra income for any important thing.

Below are some areas where you can quickly get something doing and get a stipend from work.

  • Analysia: This test takes around 15 minutes to complete and the pay is $10 for every test.
  • Enroll: here you get paid for testing websites before they are published. Earn cash rewards.
  • TryMyUI: this test takes around 15-20 minutes to complete and the pay is $10 for every test.
  • Userfeel: this company pays around $10 for every test.
  • WhatUsersDo: this test takes around 15-20 minutes (advisable to use a Mac or PC with a mic) and the pay is $8 (or more) for every test.

9. Medical Coding

According to AAPC Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes.

It is a technical job that requires skills and these skills can be acquired enrolling in a community college or an online program; to achieve a certificate because a majority of people in the field of medical coding have a certificate. You can choose to work part-time or full time.

Medical Coding Income:

the estimated income of a medical coder is around $60000 every year.

10. Dog or Petsitter

Do you have a love for animals? Yes? Great; it is even better if you are paid to share that love with these furry creatures, which of course to some people is a dream come true. You can easily get access to such offers by visiting websites like Rover.

Rover helps you in creating your profile to get you going with the job specifics like your availability, rates boost communication between you and your potential clients. The only cost involved is a charge of 20% deducted from your wage for the service they offer by linking you to customers, but you still get to keep 80% of what you earn.

How Much Do Pet Sitters Earn?

According to rover it is possible to earn an income of $20 to $30 for every walk and it could even get better if you offer overnight pet sitting services, your income range could step up to $20 to $40.

11. Web Designing Services

If you have a thing for computers and a good knowledge of design you can consider being a web designer.

The majority of businesses want their work to be reflected professionally no matter the services offered by the company and one of the important ways is via the internet.

It is possible to make up to $1000 or even more than that every month and this could be by designing even the small business enterprises, the amount you earn could be high depending on the need for the job and equally the work to be done.

Though there is no particular skill to have concerning web designing but having a mastery of software like adobe illustrator and adobe Photoshop would be a very essential skill to have concerning web designing. At first, you needed a vast understanding of programming languages such as Javascript and PHP. But nowadays there are so many content management systems that you can use to design and build your clients’ websites in less than no time.

Getting clients here would depend on how you go about it, for a start you can email small businesses to propose your service, another option is to create a profile on Upwork and Fiverr.

12. Virtual Nursing jobs

With a nursing degree or certificate, you can do more than just working in the hospital physically, but added to that you can assist people over the internet or the phone. The internet is used mostly to communicate with doctors, monitor vital signs; advise patients present online and perform duties possible via the media which can help people who need it.

You can get these kinds of job health care centers or hospitals and the procedure to get the job is the same as the regular way of getting a nursing job.

13. Data Entry

This kind of job is a good job for an entry-level individual, not many skills are needed to get this job but basic skills like accuracy, organizational skills, and speed to deal with tasks like transferring information from one device to the other, record update and data inputting into any data system. Some sites are willing to hire people who are willing to do such jobs (example are Capital Typing and SigTrack).

14. Transcription

This job is about transforming audio and video messages to text form, though it sounds easy it is one of those jobs you need a certain skill level to operate. You might need skills like accuracy and speed in typing and equally being able to manage a foot pedal to be able to control the audio and video clips, that is when to start and stop.
There are many opportunities to you can get from possessing skills in this area, as a beginner you can depend on websites like transcription job sites (sign up and create a profile), while if you have some experience in the field you can reach out to enterprises or business people interested in your services.

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15. Travel Agent

If you are all about vacations and traveling, then it wouldn’t be a big deal sharing your ideas with others, and a better one if you get paid to share your passion. One of the main reasons why people end up staying at home for vacation is because most people are afraid to take the big step of trying something new (new environments). So they tend to be comfortable with familiar activities. This is a great job to do because of the fun but even more wonderful if you get to do it from home.

Though the job looks like more a fun job, it is always good to get a certification to get more credibility. The training could be taken through enrolling in a program that provides the necessary skills needed to be a travel agent. working with a travel agent is at no cost, but you get paid a commission if the client books accommodation through you.

16. Join Taskrabbit

This is an app that links people who need services and those willing to offer those services. This apps helps in matchmaking between service providers and those looking for service providers. So if you have a love for working with your hands in every area concerning domestic work like displacing house furniture, mounting a TV/Fridge, gardening, cleaning and possibly any home repairs.

TaskRabbit Income:

For every job you complete you can submit your invoice through the TaskRabbit application. You have the choice of how much you get paid by negotiating all the details of the job with the customer. This could put you averagely on a pay package of $50 to $130 per job done.

Becoming Part of TaskRabbit:

To be part of the TaskRabbit community you would have to complete a registration, a process which is done online via application and later that you would need to attend an informational meeting in the area where you are located, after all these procedures you would get notifications from the TaskRabbit app informing you about any potential opportunity around your area.

17. Direct Sales Consulting

This is also known as multi-level marketing and has become one of the most sought out work from home jobs over the past years. An example of this activity is Avon and plexus which you can find everywhere on your Facebook feed regularly. In this case, the marketing is about products you already use and you would want others to try them out.
So if you use a product and love the world to know the wonders of the product then it is up to you to pick up this work from home job.

The only issue here is that this job requires an upfront investment to get opening inventory and so individuals can be caught up with a lot of inventory trying to present that in the already saturated markets, which could even be a great task to manage.

18. Micro jobs

This job is for people who want to increase their income by getting an extra income; this job cannot be used as a means of survival neither can the job make you rich; but it is just a way to get extra cash.
They are easy to handle and of course you get an immediate payment after your work is done, so if you have enough time to spend on the internet to do research or frequently going through your phone then it is a good deal to try out micro jobs, you could be asked to do research, carry out surveys, operate data, watch videos and give feedback.

19. Virtual Call Center

These sets of people are involved in services like telemarketing, customer care, and customer service, if you don’t find it uncomfortable talking to people on the phone especially assisting them with their issues, then you can consider taking this either as a full time or part-time job. This kind of job is similar to the regular call center role but with the addition of the fact that you get to do things from home.

Virtual Call Income:

Based on analysis from Glassdoor, you can be an income earner of about $30000 to $40000 every year.

Becoming a Virtual call assistant:

The job comprises of you managing incoming calls or make outgoing calls depending on the kind of job you get yourself into. Experience might be required to get this job in some cases but others would just offer training for a while and then you begin full time.

20. Amazon Remote Employee

When we make mention of the name “Amazon”, there is obviously something that rings bells in your head, this is a giant company recruiting over thousands of workers and are planning to bring an addition of 5000 remote customer service jobs in future years to come, this would include all levels of workers entry-level to top-level management (customer service agents, data entry and supply chain managers). So this a great opportunity for those interested in working for Amazon to think of seizing their moment.

To get accurate information on the jobs available, its requirements and tasks, you have to go through Amazon listings to get precise and correct information.

Amazon remote employee income:

workers at Amazon are expected to earn $10 for every hour and at the end of the year $50000, but this would depend on the position you occupy and equally your level of experience.

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21. Search Engine Evaluator

The search engine is your number one thing on the internet you can use to knowing anything you want; you could use Google, Bing or any other search engine of your choice. The job of a search engine evaluator is to assist in the credibility of search engines since most information gotten from there is taken as gospel truth and equally the speed at which you get any information you are looking for.

Here it is necessary to possess skills like analytical skills, web search abilities, technical skills, good written and communication skills. In this case you need to do more than just browsing on your phone because these are a non-phone work from home jobs, though great because of the flexibility in the work hours which is especially great for busy moms and every person wrestling with a busy schedule (you get to choose how your schedule looks like.

22. Social Media Manager

Social media is always fun; so why not have fun and make money out of the fun, if you have a good mastery of how the media works you can easily get a job for running advertisements, creating promotions, building and scheduling posts, marketing products, managing groups online.

This is one of the major tasks that is outsourced by most companies, finding out what goes on, on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook could be a duty more tedious for most companies than anyone can imagine. Normally companies would go for experts in the field than keep employees who would work there full time to save cost. So it is advisable to be an expert in the field so you can be hired to run social media platforms for businesses.

23.Customer Service Representative

This job is very less complicated and safe for beginners in the profession especially if you don’t mind helping people via the phone or answering questions and even solving problems you can consider getting the job. It is a position that most companies are willing to recruit. And to save cost they prefer people who can work from home. You are offered training but your schedule might not be flexible

Beware of Work from Home Job Scams

Even though these jobs are legit, you have to keep an eye on scammers wanting to take advantage of the fact that people rely on the internet to get most of the aforementioned jobs. Many people prefer work from home jobs because of the flexibility that the job presents; you could decide to work at any time and equally, in any attire you feel comfortable working in, giving you maximum control over your schedule.

Since there are many legit work from home jobs, equally there are many scams out there. It is said, “if something looks too good to be true then it is definitely not true.” It is always good to be able to make out the weed from the grass to avoid unnecessary cost and putting out your information to the wrong people.

Verify the credibility of any job offer you see and always run a background check on the company offering the position that is; check how long they have been functioning, read reviews on the job offer online, check their rating if it is good or high because from there it is easy to see if there is any negative review and never make things worse by paying for a job, it doesn’t tell well if you buy a position you were to get by having a good profile.

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Work from home jobs are mostly legit but if it sounds like any of the following points below it just might be a scam. So watch out.

  • You are asked to pay for a training, those there are much work from home jobs that might require purchase of certain things, but save cost by not going in all the time for such work from home jobs
  • You are proposed a role that seems so easy but the income is very high like say you can earn between $500 to $1000 every week and they claim the pay is “guaranteed”, If it was so easy everyone would be doing it.
  • A no go zone if you are asked to send money for anything through western union. This is a huge red flag
  • You are proposed a position that needs no experience and you are allowed to start work immediately with not even a basic training, apart from micro-jobs that offer such opportunities then you should probably watch out it might just be a scam.

Here is a bonus video for work from home jobs for you

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